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Concrete Pressure Cleaning

Concrete Pressure Cleaning

Just Wash It can bring your dirty looking driveways, patios, pathways and sidewalks back to there original appearance. We have years of experience, proper cleaning equipment and the specific cleaning detergents for all types of jobs, whether it's oil, rust, dirt or mildew stains.

Concrete cleaning requires a different cleaning procedure. Pressure has to be used along with a pre and post application of cleaning detergents. We use the most advanced surface cleaning equipment, with heat and steam pressure washers to ensure that your driveway is left clean and free of all "wand marks", a tell tale sign of a non- professional.

Next I would like Driveway restoration renamed to polymeric sand installation so it matches the service it brings up when you click it. The discription under it before "read more" can be changed to...

keep out weeds, moss and ants with a fresh installation of polymeric sand

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