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Driveway Restoration

Driveway Restoration

Extend the life of your interlocking driveway, sidewalk or patio. Why choose to install new polymeric sand and reseal your interlocking driveway?

Weeds, ants and unsettled interlocking brick will be eliminated. In addition, it protects your pavers against UV rays, dirt, oil and other harmful stains that can deteriorate your driveway. Also, it restores faded colour back to its original glory, making the stone look new again.

Our process includes a full pressure-wash to remove all stains, weeds, moss and old sand and then we let it air dry for 24hrs. Next we install the polymeric sand, sweeping the sand into all the cracks of the pavers, followed by the most important step; tampering, to ensure the sand is firm , to create a long lasting finish.

Final steps are watering down the sand, curing for 24hrs and then sealing. Quality is our guarantee, we only use top of the line products to ensure a lasting finish that will endure even the toughest Canadian winters.

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